Maite Montes began her culinary studies in the School of Irízar in San Sebastian. This was the start of the good relations she maintains with some of the best Spanish chefs.

She complemented this formation with the following:

Le Cordon Bleu. Paris and Barcelona.

School of cooking Telva, Madrid

National Congress of Culinary Trends by Creators. Vitoria y San Sebastián.

“El Bulli” Cooking seminar. Chefs: Oriol Castro y Albret Raurick.

Vacuum Tecnique. Toni Botella, Barcelona.

Coctail seminar by Toni Botella. Vic

New Trends in Avant Garde Desserts by Oriol Balaguer. Pamplona.

Ten lessons of Gastronomy. Public University of Navarre. Pamplona

Seminar El Bulli 2003, by Ferran Adriá. Barcelona

Congress: "The Best of Gastronomy 2003". San Sebastian.

Fruit and Vegetable Carving Plate Decoration, Gabriel Ferraris. Barcelona


Cakes and biscuits. Michel Willaume. Barcelona

Seminar El Bulli 2004, by Ferran Adrià. Barcelona

Curso de Cocina para fiestas. Toni Botella. Badalona.

"All about chocolate" Josep Mª Ribé. Chocovic

Congress "The Best of Gastronomy 2004". San Sebastián

She has also given a number of seminars for profesional and aficionados
- Cooking for Beginners
- Cooking for guests
- Cooking for special occasions
- Christmas cooking
- Cocktail cooking
- Japanese cooking for Beginners

Vacuum Pack cooking

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